Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hello Beauties..

I know I've been absent but i will be back soon i have a few blogs ready to upload .Cant wait to share my new finds and hauls so much to catch up on . will be working on a giveaway soon let me know what brands you all would like to see :) .. talk to you all soon xoxo Yani   Glamourbyyani

Friday, January 29, 2016

New Luxie Rose Gold Brushes " Essential Eye Set "

I received my Luxie order and the presentation was very petty , The packaging the brushes came in was classy and very good quality. The box brings 6 brushes they have a pink handle and are very soft.  it includes
#215  small angle brush   #205  tapered blending eye brush   #229  tapered blending brush  #221 Flat definer brush  #231 small tapered blending brush   #213  eye shading brush.  I like the brushes so I think I will be getting the face set soon. I love makeup brushes so if I find some that are soft and blend my makeup good believe it ladies I  will buy the set :)  so if any of you have tried the set let me know what you think .

New Blog .....

Super excited to have started this blog... I can't wait to share my makeup hauls, swatches, and product reviews with all of you makeup enthusiast. As you all know if you follow me on Instagram I'm a crazy makeup lady lol but hey I love it. I enjoy everything that has to do with makeup, colors and how it makes us feel when we apply it. So I hope you follow me on this new journey. Thank you for always sticking around and giving me all the love and support.  XOXO